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Avoca/Prattsburgh dominates Notre Dame in Class D1 Finals 93-67

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

By: Chandler Bland

In a stunning display of dominance, the Avoca/Prattsburgh Titans crushed Batavia-Notre Dame and are now the 2023 section V class D1 champions. They defeated them 93-67 in the tournament.

From the opening tip off, it was clear that Avoca/Prattsburgh came to play, with their tight defense and fluid offensive movements keeping Batavia in their heels throughout the game.

The first quarter saw Avoca/Prattsburgh take an early lead. Batavia struggling to keep up, with their passes repeatedly intercepted and their shots missing the mark. By the end of the quarter, Avoca/Prattsburgh had a commanding lead.

As the game progressed, Avoca/Prattsburgh continued to build on their lead, with the score line becoming increasingly one sided. A 33 point 3rd quarter where Prattsburgh unloaded on both ends saw the game truly be decided. Despite some valiant efforts from Batavia, they were simply unable to mount a comeback.

By the final whistle, the game was already decided, with Avoca/Prattsburgh up by 26 points. Notre Dame ends the season at a 16-7 record after an impressive run to the D1 finals. With this win, Avoca/Prattsburgh will face off against Mount Morris the class D2 champions on Wednesday.

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