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Askin always open against Westminster

By: Brayden Peters

NEW WILMINGTON, P.A. - Nick Askin’s 10 goals set a new single game record as Brockport men’s lacrosse topped Westminster 20-8. Despite an early Titans lead, the Golden Eagles scored eight unanswered goals to close out the first half and never looked back. Jack Acker shutout Westminster in the second quarter on his way to a 19 save day.

Nick Askin after scoring goal #10 on March 9 (Photo credit/Chamberlain Bauder)

Askin broke the record with 13:10 left to go in the fourth quarter. He knew the number to beat, Brockport head coach Colin Cornaire did not.


“I wasn’t even aware of that until the guys handed me a ball and said that’s the program record,” Cornaire said. “He’s just an excellent teammate. The guys love him and they rally around him. So, you just can’t help but feel happy for a guy like that.”

Askin during a practice in March (Photo credit/Chamberlain Bauder)

Brockport initially struggled to get on the scoreboard in the first quarter. Westminster’s defense got their sticks in the passing lanes, knocking down multiple shots and passes. There were things before the game even started that played a role in Brockport’s offensive struggles.


“First overnight as a team, coming off the bus…definitely we were slow,” Askin said. “I think the boys weren’t used to waking up in the hotel. Not our routine.”


Acker was solid in net before giving up his first goal to Kyler Nigliazzo. He recorded five consecutive saves before the Titan's first. After Nigliazzo scored, Payton Waight ripped a shot into the net, giving Westminster a 2-0 lead.


Brockport mounted the tie in the closing minutes of the quarter. Marc Zapulla put the Golden Eagles on the board with a no angle shot as he only got his hands past goal line extended on his dodge from X. As time ticked down Askin took the possession into his hands and did what he does best, got his hands free and scored with five seconds left in the quarter.

Askin during warm ups on March 9 (Photo credit/Chamberlain Bauder)

Acker was key to keeping Brockport in it during their slow offensive start, he made nine first quarter saves.


Brockport’s momentum carried over into the second quarter. Askin scored two more goals to record the hattrick, giving the Golden Eagles a 4-2 lead. The offensive onslaught didn’t end there, as Mike O’Brien picked up a goal to extend the Brockport lead.


In the back half of the quarter, the only two goals came from Askin and Logan Postel. Brockport was consistently making stops thanks to Acker. His saves often came against crease crashers and his ability to match stick was on point. He looked much improved from the goalie that stepped in net for Brockport’s home opener.

Acker during a practice in March (Photo credit/Chamberlain Bauder)

“The conversation with him was – look man, you play well for three quarters, now we need four - right,” Cornaire said. “He stood on his absolute head. You love to see it. Guys are rallying around him and that just gives more competence to the defense.”


The Titans desperately needed to find a way to come back from a 7-2 deficit. They didn’t early on the in the third quarter. Askin and O’Brien picked up two goals for Brockport. Then, out of nowhere, Westminster found their rhythm on offense.

The Titans went on a four-goal run thanks to Grady Tierney, first, off a speed dodge. Nigliazzo, Gavin Jones and Jonas Clark picked up the other three goals. Just like that it was a game.

Brockport and Westminster's face-off specialists meeting with referees pregame on March 9 (Photo credit/Chamberlain Bauder)

Unfortunately for the Titans, Brockport had been dominating the face-off dot and didn't stop thanks to the combination of Drew Dipalma going 16-23 and Brockport's wings winning ground ball battles. On top of that Askin completed a sock trick (six goals) after a Brockport timeout to end the run. In the fourth, Brockport's offense ran wild.


Askin scored three goals in a row to start the quarter, giving him nine goals for the game. He was scoring from everywhere, receiving passes on the crease, making a dodge on goal line extended, or winning on a speed dodge from the top of the key. All of them throughout the game he scored with his right or left for the best shot.

Askin during a practice in March (Photo credit/Chamberlain Bauder)

Zappula broke the Askin goal streak with his second goal of the game, putting Brockport up 14-7. The game appeared to be out of reach for the Titans.


Askin then scored his tenth goal of the game. Throughout the game, a short stick was matched up with him constantly. Askin used this to his advantage.


“When I get that switch from the short stick, it’s just basically go to the rock,” Askin said. “I was able to get to my left hand and score.”


The scoring didn’t end there, as Carson Colucci, who filled in for Nate Askin, scored his first goal of the season on a turn-around bouncer into the bottom left. Then, O’Brien recorded his hat trick with a shot from a similar area but instead of a catch and shoot he bullied his defender off him to get his hands free.


After that, Brockport put in their third line midfielders, all freshmen. Mason Doshi, Hunter Rhielman and Daniel Wright all got to touch the field for the first time this season.


While they were on the field, Postel scored low-to-high off a feed from Rhielman for his first career point. Postel's goal marked his first game with multiple goals.

Postel going low to high in practice in March (Photo credit/Chamberlain Bauder)

Colucci wasn’t the only Golden Eagle to record his first goal of the season. Jesse Wooley threaded the needle with a near side shot to give Brockport a 19-7 lead. They managed to get to 20 thanks to Nick Maslin on a catch and shoot with Colby Reese. In the waning seconds of the game, Jimmy Sentz scored for the Titans. With that goal, it made the score 20-8.


Nate Askin didn't notch a point while still coming back from an early season injury. His impact was felt though as he drew the top poll for Westminster on every position, allowing his older brother to get free on short stick matchups through the game. Nick tried to feed Nate in the early fourth quarter for the so far elusive Askin-to-Askin goal.


“Me and Nate’s motto is ‘we are always open’ no matter what,” Askin said. “If Nate has a guy on him and his stick up, I’m going to put it where I can. Obviously, he’s banged up still... when he heals, ten goals is on him next.”

Nate and Nick Askin during a practice in March (Photo credit/Chamberlain Bauder)

Brockport improve to a 1-3 record with the win while Westminster fall to .500 with a 2-2 record. The Golden Eagles will have a short week as they will travel to Nazareth University on Wednesday.

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Great 1st win for the Golden Eagles, LAX school record for Nick Askin, 10 goals in one game, impressive! Solid team effort both offensively and defensively. Good luck against Nazareth University on Wednesday, let’s get another win and get a win streak started!

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