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Album Review - GUTS

By: Makayla Leitten

Olivia Rodrigo (Picture Courtesy of Billboard)

Over two years after the release of her debut studio album SOUR, Olivia Rodrigo has officially released her second studio album GUTS. The singer released the lead single of the album ‘vampire’ on June 30, 2023 and fans have been anticipating the release of the album ever since. But worry no more fans, it has finally arrived!

The album contains 12 tracks and the songs show the “growing pains” that Rodrigo has gone through in the past two years of her life. There is a mix of angst as well as heartbreak written into the songs and everyone can relate to at least one track. Although there are quite a bit of emotional ballads on the album, there are upbeat grunge-like ones as well. The track order truly shows the rollercoaster of emotions that come with growing up and feeling like you don’t know who you truly are.

The first track “all-american b****” is about feeling as if you’ve found your place and where you're supposed to be. It starts out as a soft and feminine-like aesthetic to depict the “all american girl” but then it picks up with some electric guitar riffs to give the grungy contrast of the “b****” aspect of the song. It shows that you can fit into two areas at once, much like Rodrigo herself. As the album continues, the songs “ballad of a homeschooled girl” and “making the bed” depict the thoughts about being uncomfortable and unhappy with where you are in life. The tracks surface the ongoing question of whether or not it is your fault that you are stuck in that situation.

It would not be an Olivia Rodrigo album without a few heartbreaking, emotional songs as well and she has not disappointed . The track “logical” describes a toxic relationship that has blinded one of the partners into looking past all of the red flags in their significant other, and then beating themselves up about believing all of the lies, and putting up with the manipulation. But, as we all know, after the depression stage of a breakup comes revenge and frustration. Track 8 “get him back!” depicts just that. The song goes on about wanting to make their partner pay for all of the horrible things they've done but also feeling conflicted about missing them and wanting them back. Its upbeat rhythm and relatable lyrics are sure to give fans a revenge break-up anthem.

GUTS is a complex but beautifully produced album. Covering a variety of emotions about growing up, it's something that anyone can relate to. Rodrigo’s obvious talent and passion for her music make this album one to remember and to blast on your speakers!

Song List (in order of appearance on the album)

  1. all-american b****

  2. bad idea right?

  3. vampire

  4. lacy

  5. ballad of a homeschooled girl

  6. making the bed

  7. logical

  8. get him back!

  9. love is embarrassing

  10. the grudge

  11. pretty isn't pretty

  12. teenage dream

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