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Album Review: "Dawn of Chromatica" by Lady Gaga

Updated: Jan 6

During the promotion cycle of a new film, and a recently announced collaboration jazz album with Tony Bennett due later this year, the last thing you would expect from Lady Gaga is a remix album, well, like we have seen from Gaga throughout her career… expect the unexpected.

Gaga takes her critically acclaimed and number one 2020 release, “Chromatica,” and collaborates with her longtime friend and producer, Bloodpop, to present “Dawn of Chromatica,” a gift to the fans for the album cycle she could not deliver initially, which was to create one big dance party for the fans.

Remix albums are something we have seen from Gaga previously with her most notable releases, such as tracks from “The Fame” and “Born This Way,” both albums receiving considerable chart positions for re-creating hype for an album through remix, which can sometimes offput the public and even her own fans. However, due to the anticipation for features from artists like Charli XCX, Bree Runway, and Ashnikko, this album will have fans of the album and an entirely new audience hooked in for the return trip to the world of “Chromatica.”

The construct that sets these remixes apart from others is the combination of long instrumentals and new vocal melodies to give an experience of casual listening to the fans who want to hear a vocal delivery and caters to a group of people at a party who just want to have a good time through both beats and vocals.

One track that presents this effort well is the remix of “Free Woman,” this newly produced track features vocals from musician Rina Sawayama as well as new beats from Clarence Clarity. A remix is meant to deliver a new, re-imagined version of the song, and this remix adds an electric, almost metal-like element to the song that really elevates the intended of the song, which is liberation for women.

In addition to giving the Little Monsters a gift for the unexpected turnout of the initial release, fans begged both creators for the release of anticipated demos, such as “Babylon,” the closer to both albums. During the announcement of Gaga’s beauty brand, “Haus Laboratories,” before the release of Chromatica, an instrumental was played that enticed fans, and was later revealed to be “Babylon,” although a different version was released as the final. Gaga decided to give the original version to fans, which will also act to drive attention from fans not interested in remix albums and expresses the re-imagined intent that Gaga was promoting throughout this album.

Overall, this album acts as a rebirth to the Chromatica album, and world overall. It is an enhancement to what we are familiar with from Gaga and hearing it in a new light. This energetic collection of music will be perfect as people begin to reunite and enjoy the music the way it was intended.

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