• kjone12

"A Modern Tragedy, Vol.3" by Grandson

'A Modern Tragedy, Vol. 3' is the third EP in a series from Grandson, which tackles some of the more pressing political issues impacting society. His new album has given us the best taste of Grandson we’ve ever gotten. The first track “Rock Bottom” shows Grandsons fun side and really like the buzz guitar take control in this song. And who doesn’t love a satisfying buzz guitar. This song is gritty and intense, it will take you on a ride of emotions. The second track “Oh No!” is probably the most intense song on the album and again he really lets the buzz guitar give a slappin’ beat. Listening to “Oh No!” will make you want to break anything with an axe. combining elements of heavy guitar and energetic electronic sounds to create a tune that just makes us want to go crazy. The third track “Put Me Under” Grandson is trying to explain that in today’s generation we’re come at with so many ideas and false news and fake facts and that we are not ready to choose what we are ready to hear or think. In this album, Grandson decided to take a couple different approaches for his songs. The fourth track on the album “Destroy Me” has a calmer approach and it sounds like you’re sitting on a beach watching the sunset when you’re sad. One could argue that Grandson took inspiration from Imagine Dragons for this song with the death like lyrics with a comfortable accompaniment. Grandson has been known to have an angry protest vibe to his music and this album really resonates in his distaste for the government. The final song on the album “Die Young” is straight up about how our government is constantly lying but “…When I die young the truth is forever”. Grandson has reinvented the musical political movement with his music. Mainly with his electronic rock, you can sense just how angry he is about the pressing issues going on in the United States, more or less the world as well. Movements like this haven’t really been seen since the anti-war protests for Vietnam in the 60’s and 70’s. In his previous album he had one of his biggest hits “Stick Up” which was about how veterans and people who are suffering for mental illness aren’t getting help and resort to gun violence without treatment. This was when Grandson first struck a cord with the music and political communities and he continues to make a name for himself writing about mass shootings and corrupt politicians are running the country. Which to be fair, he isn’t wrong in the slightest. Basically the entire album deserves an intense listen through and it’s the perfect kind of music to just get angry to. Rating: 4.5/5

-By: Alexis Holleran