"You're the One" by Greta Van Fleet

This song is vastly different than any other song that's been released this year. Greta Van Fleet is a newer band that's only been around a couple of years, but they sound like a 70's rock band. This song doesn't break away from that style, it sounds like a 70's love sound about professing your love. While the music world has been taken over by pop, rap, alternative and countless other genres, it's nice to hear something that sounds like a throwback and yet it's brand new. This song will take you to a simpler time and just enjoy and appreciate the kind of rock that dominated roughly 40 years ago. If you're someone who likes classic rock or are just looking for something completely different

Morelle wins NY 25

Here's what newly elected U.S. Congressman Joe Morelle had to say after his win. He not only will represent the district in Congress, but is also filling the seat left vacant after the passing of the late Congresswoman Louise Slaughter last spring. Here's the audio story:

An inside look at the NY 25th congressional candidates

Here’s an inside look at the candidates for the 25th district, who are running to replace the seat of the late Congresswoman Louise Slaughter. The following comes from exclusive interviews with each candidate. Joe Morelle is the democratic congressional candidate for the 25th District. He was inspired to run for Congress due to his inherent love for the people of Monroe County. His platform includes a widespread of topics that he deems important, specifically those that will help bring the community together and benefit the people of Monroe County. Morelle strongly believes in a flourishing economy, where small businesses can thrive, and job opportunities can increase for the average work

Local Congress, State Senate & Assembly Elections 2018

Congressional Elections 25th District (D) Joseph Morelle (R) Dr. Jim Maxwell 26th District (D) Brian Higgins (R) Renee Zeno 27th District (D) Nathan McMurray (R) Christopher Collins (Reform) Larry Piegza State Supreme Court Elections (Vote For Two) 7th District (D) Christopher Caccio (D) Patricia Gallaher (R) Anne Marie Taddeo (R) Vicki Argento 8th District (D)(R) Paula Feroleto (D)(R) John Curran State Senate Elections 54th District (D) Kenan Baldridge (R) Pamela Helming 55th District (D) Jen Lunsford (R) Rich Funke 56th District (D) Jeremy Cooney (R) Joseph Robach 59th District (R) Patrick Gallivan 60th District (D) Carima El Behairy (R) Christopher Jacobs 61st District (D) Joan Elizabeth

Local Elections by County 2018

Monroe 25th & 27th Congressional District; 54th-56th, 59th, 61st & 62nd State Senate Districts; 133rd-139th State Assembly Districts; 7th Judicial District Family Court Judge (Vote For Two) (D) Fatimat Reid (D) Zuleika Shepard (R) Alecia Mazzo (C) Nicole Bayly County Legislator - 1st District (D) Michelle Ames (R) Ed Wilt City Court Judge (D) Michael Lopez Commissioner of Schools (Vote For Two) (D) Judith Davis (D) Beatriz LeBron Clarkson Town Justice (R) Christopher Wilcox Parma Town Justice (R) Daniel Barlow Parma Town Council (3 Year Term) (R) Linda Judd Parma Town Council (1 Year Term) (R) G. Blake Keller Riga Town Justice (R) Richard Stowe Rush Town Justice (R) Michael Tallon Sweden Tow