Former VP Joe Biden packs lecture series

Kicking off the University at Buffalo Distinguished Speaker Series, Former Vice President Joe Biden spoke to a packed arena, only hours after he was threatened with two pipe bombs mailed to his family’s home. He opened his lecture by addressing the matter. He was one of a string of leaders targeted via mail attack. "My hope is this recent spat of these - who knows exactly what they were - but these pipe bombs being mailed might wake everybody in my business up a little bit and realize that we have to begin to put this country back together again,” he said. He assured the crowd that journalists are not the enemy of the people, and that illegal immigrants are not animals, which were heav

Ain't Easy

“Ain’t Easy” is an incredibly catchy song. If you hear it, it’ll be stuck in your head for days. It’s about loving someone, but like anything, it’s not easy. It goes through easy and hard parts of being in love. It does this with an upbeat tone that’ll get anyone moving. Which is why this song is perfect in any party.

Cold Rain - Fitness

“Cold Rain” by Fitness: This has a very synth-pop sound that almost sounds nostalgic in a way. It’s a mix of old synth sound with modern pop to create a unique sound. While the song is upbeat, the meaning behind it is kind of sad. The song is about a woman who is cold and doesn’t care about anyone but herself. Overall, “Cold Rain” is a great song that also gets the message across on who not to be or be attracted to.

HQO Final – Mugshot

A strong hip hop beat and vocalization set in what must be an attempt to hype up the audience. The song doesn’t have any, much less any strong, musical elements. The lyrics support the mainstream sex and drug narrative that isn’t uncommon in this genre. The flow is choppy and disjointed. The high class song ends in a similar manner, with girls moaning. Rate: 1/5

Mania - Fallout Boy

Déjà Vu If you are reading this there is a chance that you are either related to me, or you frequently visit 89.1 the point’s web site. In both cases you know that earlier this year I attended a Fall Out Boy Concert with my friend and not only did we have an amazing time, but I was also able to write my first review about it. I was so excited about my assignment that I took notes during the concert, begged my friend to take millions of pictures and videos, and stayed up all night brainstorming about what I was going to write. I wanted it to be perfect. Although, perfection is almost never achievable, I was proud of my work, so I’m back bringing you more Fall Out Boy…Just a bit more in depth

Final Mix – Mugshot

The song starts off with percussive bells that is similar to those default ringtones you can set your phone to. It is swiftly accompanied by vocals describing the beginning of his day. He starts with 24 cups of coffee and goes on to answer the “db” (doorbell) and let a “vegan” into his house. He seems to really like shortening words to just initials as well as spelling them out as this is the second song he has done so. The chorus is made up of the repetition of “Mugshot Mugshot.” His beat is disjointed which is just as well as the lyrics are all over the place as well. Rate: 1/5

"So Into You"

"So Into You" by the band NIIIGHTS is a great song for the up and coming band. With a beginning that sounds like a nice cross between CHVCHES and Paramore, the tune comes into its own by the refrain and carries through the rest of the time. The music itself is perhaps the best part, with melancholic guitar riffs and a drum that changes things up throughout the song and keeps the song fresh. The vocals are almost ethereal and dream-like with some power punching during the refrain, however the lyrics are a bit repetitive. It is overall a great love-song and we hope to hear more from them soon! Rate: 3.5/5 stars

"Let Me Down Easy"

“Let Me Down Easy” is a mellow song with a great message. The theme of the song is to find love, even when you’re let down. It talks about trying to find “the one” even if you must go through a bumpy ride. In the end it’ll be all worth it. The song itself has a calm tone that you can easily get hooked to and it’ll have you bobbing your head in no time. So, if you want a nice relaxing song to drive along to, or just listen to cool off, this is the song for you.

"If You Only Knew"

The “If You Only Knew” EP released by the Demos is an album with a throwback feel to it with 4 upbeat tracks about love. The album starts off with the first song “Lonesome No More” which is about how the singer only needs that one special person. The song definitely sounds like it’s straight out of the 80’s with the production and the catchy hook. I think people that grew up on older rock bands would love this type of sound displayed by The Demos. The second song “Make It Better” is about a chill song with a chill vibe that reminds me of Foster The People. I enjoyed listening to the this song because it reminded me of songs I used to hear when I was younger, which gave me a feeling of nosta

"Blue Madonna"

When you reach the top what do you do next? Some just sit and admire their success. But the best, keep going. The best continue pushing and trying to beat their self-set records. Since nothing stops progress more than a content heart. In 2015 Børns released their very first album, and a few of the songs on album managed to top the Billboard charts. Using this new-found success to launch their career, Børns recently released their new record, which they titled: Blue Madonna. This new album continued the artists favor for futuristic sounds, and techno music. In fact, one of the songs on the album (which was released on January 12, 2018) has managed to top the Billboard 200. The song that accom

"Indian Summer"

Tar and Flowers’ album “Indian Summer” reminds me of the music you would listen to in the background of a long car ride or during that scene in the movie where people are sitting by the campfire having a good time. With a country and folk style feel, Taylor Hungerford and Wolf Kroeger successfully showcase acoustic and electric guitar along with banjo. However, the group is not specifically country which is evident throughout their latest album. The album has a haunting quality at some points where the instrumentation shines and the listener has a complete change of mood. Like a classic country album, the songs each tell individual stories with a good rhythm to get your foot tapping. Th

"An American Treasure"

Tom Petty describes the September 28th standard release as a “28 track set of previously unreleased recordings, alternate version of classic songs, rarities, historic live performances and deep tracks.” Now the standard release is not to be confused with the Box Set which includes 60 tracks, a hard bound book featuring photographs as well as a 1982 music video. I was happy to get this review, as I am a huge Tom Petty fan then again I don’t know anyone who isn’t a fan of the rocker. We tragically lost Tom Petty in October 2017 and this album had been in the works since his passing. Those of you who are fans of Tom Petty will find this release will find an interesting mixture of tracks on this

Winners of Canal reimagination contest unveiled

By Nate Mundt Governor Cuomo announced two winners in the ‘Reimagine the Canals’ Competition. The competition, sponsored by the New York Power Authority and New York State Canal Corporation, seeks to increase economic activity and tourism along the Erie Canal. “As an upstate New Yorker who lives near the Erie Canal and is a frequent visitor to canal communities, I know how this competition can unlock even more potential to make this a major tourism magnet,” said Kathy Hochul, Lieutenant Governor of New York. “The canals have played a crucial role in New York's history and growth, and with the implementation of these new exciting projects, the canals will remain a vital force and make a posit

September 16, 2018

35 Live Countdown - September 16, 2018 1Khalid & Normani-Love Lies (Q950-02) 2Imagine Dragons-Natural (Q976-22) 3AJR-Burn The House Down (Q954-01) 4Weezer-Africa (Q969-01) 5Post Malone-Better Now (Q963-04) 6LovelyTheBand-Broken (Q935-01) 7Maroon 5 ft. Cardi B-Girls Like You (Q963-06) 8Selena Gomez-Back to You (Q961-16) 9Dennis Lloyd-Nevermind (Q961-11) 10Foster The People-Sit Next To Me (Q920-07) 115 Seconds of Summer-Youngblood (Q961-06) 12Death Cab for Cutie-Gold Rush (Q966-12) 13Walk The Moon-Kamikaze (Q957-08) 14Cardi B ft. Bad Bunny & J Balvin-I Like It (Q963-10) 15Drake-In My Feelings (Q970-05) 16Ariana Grande-God is a Woman (Q971-09) 17Interrupters-She's Kerosine (Q966-08) 18Twenty On