Warm weather fuels toxic algal blooms in 90 NY waterways

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - State officials say recent warm weather has fueled the expansion of toxic algal blooms in New York waterways, bringing the number to 90 this week. The Department of Environmental Conservation has added 21 new water bodies to the list of harmful algal blooms that have been confirmed or are suspected. Some affect small, localized areas and others are widespread. Most algae are harmless, but certain types produce toxins that can sicken people and kill dogs. The DEC lists the toxic blooms on a notification page online.

New York horse owners advised to vaccinate against West Nile

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - State agriculture officials are advising horse owners in New York to vaccinate their horses against West Nile virus. The Department of Agriculture and Markets says there have been four confirmed equine cases of the mosquito-borne infection in the state this year, in Steuben, Suffolk, Cattaraugus and Livingston counties. Infected mosquitoes can pass West Nile virus to humans, horses and other animals. Symptoms can resemble the flu, with horses appearing mildly anorexic and depressed. Other symptoms are muscle and skin twitching, fever, hypersensitivity to touch and sound, drowsiness and unsteady gait. Twelve cases of West Nile virus have been report

“DTF” by The Game

If any of you ever see me in person you would agree that I am the least qualified person, probably on this planet, to give this review. I am not even going to touch the topic of my lack of experience, instead I am going to comment on my rap preference. Believe it or not, I am mostly a fan of old school rap. I know, I know. Most people laugh or judge me when I say that; however, no one can resist the genius that is Young MC’s “Bust a Move.” I can not even begin to describe how uncomfortable I feel listening to popular rap. I know a lot of people out there are only looking for one thing in a relationship, and if that is you, and if the other person understands that and is ok with it...Then hav

“Who Cares” by Paul McCartney

This is a fun, funky, 80s sounding single from Paul McCartney’s new album Egypt Station. It is about not caring about the negative pressure others put on you in life, and realizing that you should instead care about your own well being. 3.25/5

“Amala” by Doja Cat

If you have been online at all recently, then you’ve most likely heard of Doja Cat’s recent viral hit, MOOO!, which helped the young singer/songwriter achieve mainstream glory in the past several weeks. Due to the massive amount of attention the catchy tune has gotten over the past several weeks, many have turned their attention to Doja Cat’s grossly underrated LP, Amala , a debut of epic proportions. Although Amala was released in late March of this year, it has begun to slowly gain traction due to Cat’s recent success. If I were to describe Amala in one sentence, it’s basically like being caught inside a dreamy trap house, sticky and sweet. From the moment Amala starts, Doja’s voice goes d

Pentatonix -Syracuse

On August 3rd 2018 I went to see the Pentatonix Concert in Syracuse. The line to get in was out to the parking lot and it took around 15 minutes just to get past the gate. When I got to my seat I was a little surprised to see the amount of people that were there, the only seats I saw that were empty were the ones behind the soundboard which was kind of understandable. I sat in the very middle of the stadium so I got a good view of the stage from where I was. The first of the opening acts was a guy named Calum Scott, a 2015 winner of Britain's got talent and he sang 3 or 4 songs. He was very good and I was very surprised because I had no clue that he was even going to be there. The next and l

“Ear Blasting Upgrade” Fallout Boy

“Ear Blasting Upgrade” Fallout Boy-Buffalo Any concert lover knows that the worst place to sit is any row considered the “nose bleeds.” This area is the highest point of the arena, and the furthest from the band. In this spot, the only hope you have of seeing the action would be to fix your eyes on the screen provided. This screen, although very helpful, cannot compare to the thrill of being right in front of your favorite band. So imagine my excitement when my 300 row ticket was upgraded to 115. My seat was moved to the very right of the stage, and although this upgrade was much appreciated, and gave me a much better view...I was right next to the speakers. It was an ear blasting upgrade; h

Journey Back Home

“Remedy” by Alesso: When you hear the word alien what do you think of? Maybe it is some type of blue or red monster. Maybe it is a neon being that resides in your deepest nightmares. Or maybe it is simply just a familiar creature out of a Men In Black movie. No matter what you see in your head, I doubt you were picturing a small green child, only about the age of 7; however, for the Swedish DJ, Alesso, aliens do not always have to be large and scary. Sometimes they are just lost souls looking for a way to peacefully return home. Only a few short days ago, August 31, Alesso released his new single titled “Remedy.” This video opens in a small diner where, from the eyes of a child, we witness a

“Yes Indeed” by Drake & Lil Baby

"Yes Indeed" isn't a song to vibe to as much as it's a confidence booster. I'm biased because I don't like Lil Baby's voice much. It's nice to see Drake rap as much as he did on this track, but it really isn't anything special. 2 out of 5.

“Juice WRLD” by Lucid Dreams

It's likely you've heard this song everywhere by now. To me, that's well deserved. Lucid Dreams soars over a steady beat with depressing lyrics. Like the songs before this in the genre, the chorus is infectious. 4 out of 5

“Girls” by AJ Mitchell

“Girls” by AJ Mitchell, is your classic modern pop song with a catchy melody and a chorus that you’ll be humming to yourself all day long. The beat of Mitchell’s song gets the average pop listener in an unavoidable groove. It amazes me that Mitchell is only 17 years old and manages to create music that fits the pop genre successfully. Check out his EP “Hopefully” on Spotify if you’re interested in listening to more of this young artist! 4 out of 5

“Pray for the Wicked”-Panic! at the Disco

“Pray for the Wicked” is Panic at the Disco’s new album. Overall it is a great album following their fantastic "Death of a Bachelor. " The album incorporates the jazz and brass band influences that "Death of a Bachelor" had and, somehow, does it better. The whole album seems to tell a story of luxurious life in LA and making the big times. It is loaded with almost nothing but upbeat, energetic songs like “(F**k a) Silver Lining”, “Say Amen (Saturday Night)”, “High Hopes”, and “King of the Clouds”. None of P!ATD’s albums have ever been the like the other and this one is definitely different than the rest. Brendon Urie has recently finished his run in the musical Kinky Boots and it’s obvious t

35 Live Countdown - September 9, 2018

1. Imagine Dragons-Natural (Q976-22) 2. Post Malone-Better Now (Q963-04) 3. Khalid & Normani-Love Lies (Q950-02) 4. Foster The People-Sit Next To Me (Q920-07) 5. AJR-Burn The House Down (Q954-01) 6. Weezer-Africa (Q969-01) 7. Maroon 5 ft. Cardi B-Girls Like You (Q963-06) 8. LovelyTheBand-Broken (Q935-01 9. Cardi B ft. Bad Bunny & J Balvin-I Like It (Q963-10) 10. Twenty One Pilots-Jumpsuit (Q978-12) 11. Selena Gomez-Back to You (Q961-16) 12. Walk The Moon-Kamikaze (Q957-08) 13. 5 Seconds of Summer-Youngblood (Q961-06) 14. Death Cab for Cutie-Gold Rush (Q966-12) 15. Dennis Lloyd-Nevermind (Q961-11) 16. Drake-In My Feelings (Q970-05) 17. DJ Khaled ft. Bieber, Chance, and Quavo-No Brainer (Q973-

Genesee, Monroe Counties to Receive Opioid Crisis Assistance

Genesee and Monroe Counties are among 19 new counties in New York State set to receive federal funding through the Opioid State Targeted Response Grant in the program’s second year, according to a September 6th statement from the office of New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo. Counties in the state are receiving a total of over $25 million to fund programs that offer prevention, treatment, and recovery services in high-need areas to increase access to treatment as well as reduce unmet need and overdose-related deaths. As part of the grant, the Genesee Council on Alcoholism and Substance Abuse, Inc. will receive $650,000 and the Delphi Drug and Alcohol Council, Inc. of Monroe County will rece

Detox Rochester

Today, the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (NYS OASAS) is expanding the Rochester based detox facility that is operated by Helio Health. They have increased the number of beds available from 25 beds to 40 total in an effort to help those struggling with addiction. Additionally, the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services is providing an additional $1.3 million, in addition to the $450,000 that they already contribute annually, to help fund the 15 new beds. Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul, Co-Chair of the Heroin and Opioid Abuse Task Force, stated, "We're aggressively working to combat the opioid epidemic in New York, and the expansio

"Sweetener"-Ariana Grande

You may have heard “God is a Woman” or “No Tears Left to Cry” this summer on the radio, but if you have yet to listen to Ariana Grande’s Sweetener in its entirety, you’re missing out on a treat. The 2018 queen of pop is in love, and this album shines brighter than the diamond currently resting on her ring finger. After many listens, I highly recommend listening to Sweetener by letting it run through- so turn that shuffle setting off the firs t few times you listen! It opens up with a brief A-Capella tune featuring Grande’s impressive vocal range. The swift, heavenly lyrics set up the listener the dreamy tracks that follow. A few of the songs feature Pharrell Williams, and another includes Ni

“Swimming”-Mac Miller

Mac Miller’s latest album,” Swimming,” is an amazing album that encapsulates the human struggle of trying to become content, successful, and satisfied with our lives. Mac Miller describes his own his struggles of becoming successful and maintaining control of his life once becoming famous. “Swimming,” is a greater allegory comparing existence to water and how we must learn to swim in it or we will struggle to stay afloat and eventually drown. That theme is creatively woven throughout the album within different metaphors on the various tracks. This album is 57 minutes in length and features 14 different songs. The album starts off strong with the song, “Come Back to Earth.” This stellar intro

“Taking a Walk”-Trippie Redd

“Taking a Walk” has some of the strangest rap I’ve ever heard which is fitting for a strange band with a strange name. Regardless, Trippie Redd does it again, with another rap hit for the ages. All the elements are there of a great rap song. As well as some added creativity from the artists to add a certain element of pizzazz to keep the listeners on the edge of their seats. 3.5/5 stars

“99”- Barns Courtney

“99” may become the favorite acoustic undertone for the year. With long guitar riffs and even longer vocals, “99” completes a radio edited power ballad that is seldom heard in the music of today. Because of this, the song gains a spot on the hits list in my mind. But can it truly be a hit in the court of public opinion? Only time will tell of course, but I don’t think so. Many of the elements to make it a top 40 hit are missing. Although, it is a fun song, it may never be as big as some of Barns Courtney’s past work. Definitely, worth your time though. 3/5 stars

“Revolutionary”- Robert DeLong

The 80’s style synth melody of Robert Delong’s “Revolutionary” is cool and captivating. Produced by Tim Pagnotta, the song certainly has some funk appeal. It’s not groundbreaking, but in a time where every song sounds similar, it is unique. That in itself makes it worth listing to. 3 Stars.