June 24, 2018

This weeks #1 was only #12 just two weeks ago, and its music video is a prequel to their 2013 hit, “This is Gospel”. New to the list this week are hits by Weezer and Maroon 5. Dropping out this week include Bishop Briggs and Charlie Puth. One year ago the #1 hit was Stone Sour with “Song #3”. Tune in every week at 3 p.m. for the 35 Live on 89.1 The Point! 1 Panic! At The Disco-Say Amen (Saturday Night) 2 LovelyTheBand-Broken 3 Post Malone ft. Ty Dolla $ign-Psycho 4 Bazzi-Mine 5 Imagine Dragons-Whatever It Takes 6 Ariana Grande-No Tears Left to Cry 7 Foster The People-Sit Next To Me 8 Sir Sly-&Run 9 Two Feet-I Feel Like I'm Drowning 10 Zedd, Maren Morris, Grey-The Middle 11 Marshmello & Anne-

Hilton community remembers Paige Smith on graduation day

The Hilton High School class of 2018 took to the stage this afternoon to graduate. On a day full of joy and celebration, the Hilton community is still remembering and honoring 18 year old Paige Smith, who was tragically killed in a car crash on Latta Road in Greece on June 10, just weeks before graduation. Some of Paige’s fellow seniors spoke to 89.1 The Point on honoring their friend’s memory. Emily Melita said, “It’s unbelievable how much it’s brought us all together everyday- you see people and there’s been so much love, that’s all there is to it.” Julia Marino added, “Yeah I don’t think the Hilton Community has ever come together like this and that with the loss of her, her memory wi

Introducing... Freaky Food Friday!

Fridays at 89.1 The Point are about to get a bit weird as two of your DJs Amanda & Matt embark on an enlightening food journey. Each Monday they will post a poll to let listeners vote on a weird food combo. Friday mornings during the 9 o’clock hour they try it live on social media and recap on air at the end of The Wake Up Show! Today’s menu featured a savory blend of dill pickles and crunchy peanut butter on wholesome white bread. Amanda struggled to take more than two bites, while Matt finished not only his but also Amanda’s sandwich. She gave it one star, “it’s nourishment but I almost vomited...” He gave it 10/10, “can I keep the supplies for later?” Tune in Every Friday this summer for

Bonnaroo Concert Review: Paramore

Paramore had a huge year musically. They had multiple hits in 2018, loads of plays on 89.1 The Point All that good luck belongs to vocalist Hayley Williams, guitarist Taylor York, drummer Zac Farro and on bass Jeremy Davis. The group formed in 2004 out of Franklin Tennessee. So one could imagine a band Tennessee natives with so much momentum in the music industry right now that playing Tennessee’s biggest music festival would be a big deal for the group. And it was a huge deal. I had just left Manchester Orchestra making my way over to ‘Which Stage’ my head swam in music the summer heat dwindling in the breeze to a warm cool wrap surrounding ‘the farm’. As I entered ‘Which Stage’ I could beg

Bonnaroo Concert Review: Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow is underrated. A smash hit star twice a decade for the past twenty years. Still though, I know what you’re thinking ‘of all the acts at Bonnaroo, why review Sheryl Crow?’ And I get it, Sheryl Crow may fall into the ‘Mom Music’ category but her concert was pure rock and roll from one of rock’s all time top performers. Sheryl Crow came on stage looking lean and fit in a red top to a rumbling with a guitar around her neck. From the jump she dug into her classic library, meaning the stuff we play here on The Point, she played every classic you know you love to hate. Why do I say ‘you love to hate’ Sheryl Crow? It’s something you may never understand until you see her perform live. He

June 17, 2018

1 Post Malone ft. Ty Dolla $ign-Psycho 2 LovelyTheBand-Broken 3 Sir Sly-&Run 4 Bazzi-Mine 5 Imagine Dragons- Whatever It Takes 6 Panic! At The Disco-Say Amen (Saturday Night) 7 Muse-Thought Contagion 8 Zedd, Maren Morris, Grey-The Middle 9 Foster The People-Sit Next To Me 10 Camila Cabello-Never Be the Same 11 Ariana Grande-No Tears Left to Cry 12 Thirty Seconds to Mars-Dangerous Night 13 Two Feet-I Feel Like I'm Drowning 14 Marshmello & Anne-Marie-Friends 15 Bad Wolves-Zombie 16 Maroon 5-Wait 17 Shawn Mendes-In My Blood 18 Vance Joy- Saturday Sun 19 Taylor Swift-Delicate 20 Nathaniel Rateliff & The Nightsweats-You Worry Me 21 Lauv-I Like Me Better 22 Bastille-Quarter Past Midnight 23 Beck-C

New This Week- June 18, 2018

Girls- Rita Ora This song shows how fun it will be right from the beginning. In such a progressive time in America, and the LGBT movement on the rise, we needed a legitimate hit to represent that community. That is Girls by Rita Ora. Throughout the song she makes multiple references about her bi-sexuality, but doesn’t let it take away from the song. As if this song needed any help, it doesn’t hurt to have Bebe Rexha, Charli XCX, and America’s newest star Cardi B. 4.5/5 stars. Almost Love- Sabrina Carpenter Almost love, is almost good. The song starts with a fun almost mysterious beat that stays consistent throughout the song. I think where this song loses me is the lazy lyrics. Don’t get me

Car smashes into Brockport Bridge

The Brockport Main St. Bridge was shut down temporarily Father's Day evening after a car crashed into the bridge. Listen to the full story (audio) and follow 891thepoint on Twitter and Facebook for up to date Western New York news coverage.

New This Week- June 11th 2018

Fall Out Boy "The Last Real Ones" This track takes us towards the place where the future of rock n roll resides. Fall Out Boy, the once sugary sweet pop punk band opened this track with a stylistic direction they've been headed in for some time. It's not that the music isn't pleasing, the group holds a melody but the synth drum beats feel empty like Fall Out Boy is not sure what they're even emulating. Once an innovator with a unique sound, the most recent stuff from Fall Out Boy feels like it's moved too far from it's roots. No one ever really tired of their sound, a crusty coat of sugary rock never gets old. In that vein most new rock albums now will reveal that they have the same mandated

Police Make Arrest in Gates Homicide

The Gates Police Department has made an arrest in Monday's homicide investigation. On June 11 authorities responded when a 52 year old woman was ejected from a vehicle traveling west on Buffalo Rd. in Gates near the Rochester-Gates border. Police believe the incident happened after an altercation in the vehicle. The victim was pronounced dead at the hospital. The vehicle was described as a black Jeep Liberty. More information is expected at a briefing at 9 A.M. June 12th. The news team at 89.1 The Point will update this story as more information becomes available.

June 10, 2018

1 Post Malone ft. Ty Dolla $ign-Psycho 2 LovelyTheBand-Broken 3 Imagine Dragons-Whatever It Takes 4 Zedd, Maren Morris, Grey-The Middle 5 Bazzi-Mine 6 Muse-Thought Contagion 7 Sir Sly-&Run 8 Foster The People-Sit Next To Me 9 Camila Cabello-Never Be the Same 10 Maroon 5- Wait 11 Marshmello & Anne-Marie-Friends 12 Panic! At The Disco-Say Amen (Saturday Night) 13 Ariana Grande-No Tears Left to Cry 14 Two Feet-I Feel Like I'm Drowning 15 Bad Wolves-Zombie 16 Vance Joy-Saturday Sun 17 Shawn Mendes-In My Blood 18 Nathaniel Rateliff & The Nightsweats- You Worry Me 19 Taylor Swift-Delicate 20 Bastille-Quarter Past Midnight 21 Florence + The Machine-Hunger 22 Drake-God's Plan 2

Girls Like You

“Girls Like You” is a breath of fresh air in a time where movements like “Me Too” have taken over the narrative surrounding women. Maroon 5 is able to capture the message of this movement by emphasizing the power of women. The song itself is not one where I’m desperate to learn the lyrics and sing along, but I more want to sit back and appreciate the message. The song plays second fiddle however to the music video of this song. This video features so many different woman from celebrities like Ellen, to Aly Raisman who is famous for shining a light on doctor Larry Nassar. The downfall of this song is the bridge. It is overly simplified with on all fronts including the lyrics. Overall this son

Let You Be Right

The intro to this song may be soft, but it instantly gets your toes tapping. The verse is a bit too slow, and the vocal delivery is a bit boring for my taste. The song picks up in the chorus but I don’t think the song gets better here. I like the lyrics “I don’t wanna be fight tonight, I’ma let you be right”. It’s something anyone in a relationship can relate to, but the only other lyrics in the chorus have no connection to what she was saying, it seems like she was just trying to rhyme. Overall, I think this song leaves you wanting more in a bad way. The hit is somewhere in this song, but it was not achieved. In a mix with the rest of Meghan Trainor’s top songs, this one will be easy to for

Better Now

Post Malone has taken over with his unique style, and “Better Now” is the perfect example of why. This song starts with a lot of energy as soon as he gets on the mic. His vocal delivery is so fun that it makes you mad that you don’t know the words yet. This is a song that needs to be blasted with the windows down this summer. The chorus is very catchy but the lyrics are a bit too simple for my taste. That being said I still think this song is one of his stronger tunes. If this is someone’s first Post Malone song it will have them searching for the rest of his songs too.