Black Panther Album

5/5 STARS Coming from one of the most famous movies in the box office this year alone, the "Black Panther" album draws many fans in from all around the world. With the first song "Black Panther" by Kendrick Lamar, this disappointed me in a way because of it's pace. It was much slower than I imagined any other song written by him, however, the words within embodied what the black panther was all about which matters most in the end. Both the second song, "Pray for Me" (The Weekend and Kendrick Lamar) and the third, "All the Stars" (Kendrick Lamar feat.SZA) gave chills down my spine throughout. With the mix of two very memorizing voices, it made me feel proud to be listening to such powerful so


Brian Halpin, Mussey Tella, and Jacob Parker from the unrecognized fraternity “The Delts” at the College at Brockport were in court today after originally pleading not guilty to hazing and other related charges at the College at Brockport. Brian Halpin plead guilty to hazing in the 2nd degree and potentially faces 60 hours of community service and special programs to work through the hazing incidents. Jacob Parker plead guilty to hazing in the 2nd degree and potentially faces 80 hours of community service and special programs to work through the hazing incidents. Mussey Tella was adjourned and did not appear in court today due to extenuating circumstances and will appear in court at a later

Lady Doritos

The Chief executive of PepsiCo, Indra Nooyi (Noi) recently has come under fire for a comment she made on a interview on January 31st on a podcast known as “Freakonomics Radio” Podcast. Nooyi told the interviewer that women do not eat Doritos the same as men do, saying that women don’t like to crunch too loud in public. She was then asked if Doritos, owned by PepsiCo, was planning to make a male and female version of the chip. The term Lady Doritos swarmed the internet with many people speaking on Nooyi’s comments. Dorito’s official twitter responded to this incident by saying “We already have Doritos for women - they’re called Doritos”. PepsiCo released a statement saying it was a misunderst


The last few months of 2017 can be summed up in two words: Me Too. The “Me Too” Movement was sparked after several women spoke up about sexual assault and its prevalence in Hollywood. The initial claims were made against Harvey Weinstein, a film producer, in September. No one could have predicted the movement that would follow those women coming forward. These claims triggered an outpour of bravery from women and men, alike, all throughout Hollywood. This movement highlighted some of Hollywood’s elite, as well as, men and women who work a 9 to 5, as survivors. Christy Waldren, the College Coordinator at Restore Rochester, has even seen the movements influence in her office in Rochester, NY.

Josh Taerk: Here's to Change

★★★ This album takes alternative to a whole new level. Throughout a majority of the album, the singer song-writer Josh Taerk takes his listeners on a journey within themselves. As the name and the first song of the album, “Here’s to Change” as well as the second song “The Mirror”, both embody his view on change as a positive adventure. While listening to it, I felt like I could go out into the world and make something of myself. Similar to this, the rest of the album seems to follow in its footsteps with a sense of spirituality in most. I happen to really enjoy the song “Take a Chance on Me” based on its way of making you think. With the constant reminder to today’s generation of love and to