Amine: Good For You

★★★★☆ This is something that you wouldn't typically hear on 89.1 but it would add a little life. Amine is the guy who sang "Caroline". Caroline was his first hit single and on June fourteenth it hit triple platinum. "Good for You" is his first studio album. The album is classified as alternative hip hop. He raps but it's not like the ratchet mumble rap that you hear on the radio. He's not inappropriate but he says only a few curse words. His songs are fun and upbeat. My favorite songs are "Spice Girl #5", "Wedding Crashers #7", "Yellow #2", and "Hero #4". I like these songs because some of the things he references are funny and he actually has flow. They're not slow songs they have a nice be

LCD Soundsystem: American Dream

RATING: 3/5 If Arcade Fire and Muse had a baby in the 80s, her name would be American Dream; which just happens to be LCD Soundsystem latest Album. This album has a beautiful indie electronic rock sound that that gives one the feeling of slowly drifting through space in a dream like state. The Album slowly fades in with the chill song, “Oh Baby,” then climaxes with their amazing song, “American Dreaming,” and then fades out with their smooth 12-minute song, “Black Screen.” This Album is 68 minutes of good vibes with deep well thought out lyrics littered throughout. The artists of this album put a lot thought and effort into their songs. They make the songs much longer compared to the typical

Madeline Kenney: Night Night at the First Landing

Kenney’s debut album is whimsical and dreamy both in her voice quality and the kind of indie-alternative beats she uses to express such. The calm, ethereal “Always” is a perfect song for almost every setting- long road trips on a sunny afternoon, hanging out with friends late at night, trying to chill out before bed- and the soothing, light beats compliment Kenney’s almost idiosyncratic and equally light voice. The song has no rough edges; her song “Rita” is in a similar fashion, however this one is a bit more rocker-esque than its album counterparts with a more alt-rock chorus structure that lays a bit heavier on the guitar. “Delicate” follows with the more rocker flare, with “Signals” and