Papa Roach: Crooked Teeth

★★★★☆ The album is strikingly different than their previous music. The songs change genres in between the same song and over the course of the entire album. “Help” is my favorite song on the album because it is up tempo and its similar to “Scars” which is favorite Papa Roach song. I feel that the band is at their best when the music is upbeat and the lyrics contain a dark anthem. “My Medication” starts off in the style of rock but it then ventures into the rap territory. After the opening stanza the song veers into the rap style which I wasn’t expecting but sound it enjoyable. “Born for Greatness” seemed to stealing the melodies and riff from Imagine Dragons. I found the composition of the s

Arcade Fire: Everything Now

★★★★☆ Arcade Fire’s album “Everything Now” conveys the profound darkness and complexity that the mind goes through when it attempts to grasp the meaning of life. The album’s line-up delves deep into the different sides of obstacles and events that humans’ face. “Signs of Life” narrates the confusion of being a young adult trying to find their way. Don’t we all want to find meaning? Yes! Humans’ crave meaning and reason. Young people (especially) want to know what the world has in store for them and what is their purpose. “Signs of Life” talks about how partying, having casual sex, being labeled as “cool” and being impulsive is not enough to live a fulfilling life. “Good God Damn” was a huge