Hey Violet: From the Outside

★★★★★ Love can be a complicated thing and breakups can be really hard. I feel like Hey Violet is taking those feelings breakups and exes, and making them into something fun and empowering. Usually right after a breakup everything seems wrong and torn apart, however once someone is moving on there is this sense of energy and everything becomes fun again. Hey Violet created an album From the Outside perfect for people going through this stage of a breakup. There are a few songs that are slower than the others, but there are some that are fun loving as well. Some of the fun loving songs include ‘Break My Heart’, ‘Guys My Age’, and ‘Hoodie’. These songs have themes of the initial breaking up, be

Imagine Dragons: Evolve

★★★★★ Imagine Dragons have been a hot one on our 35 Live for the past four months with their hit ‘Believer’. I absolutely love believer like most of their other singles that have been released since 2012 when they introduced ‘It’s Time’ to the world. They have an interesting take on their music. It has that edgy alternative feeling but also has a fun, pop vibe—without going overboard with the pop. I feel like the only newer song of theirs is ‘Believer’ because it has been doing very well on the charts, so I decided to take a look at the full album titled “Evolve”. The first song is called ‘I Don’t Know Why’ and I have to say I am hooked already. It starts off slow but becomes more of a pop f