Lorde: Melodrama

★★★★★ “Melodrama” really is a fitting name for Lorde’s new album. Lorde performs every song with a hauntingly, magnificent timbre. She sings about the struggles of lost-love, isolation and low self-esteem. Yet, not one of her songs is meant to bring the listener down, rather, Lorde expresses the idea of learning from our struggles in order to heal and grow as a human being. According to Lorde “Green Light,” is about a girl going through a major break-up. But, this is not your “eat an entire pint of cookie dough ice cream in your sweatpants” break-up song. No! This is a “let your inner-party animal out” break-up song. “Green Light” makes me want to take to the streets and rock my head back-an

Linkin Park: One More Light

★★★★★ The first thing that is immediately noticeable is that the entire album is toned down from fans have come to know from the band. The signature screaming from lead singer Chester Bennington is absent if diehard fans were anticipating more continuation of song compositions on this album. This is the bands seventh studio album and it appears that as a band they have matured since they formed in Agoura Hills, California in 1996. It almost seems like as an aging band in the music industry they attempted to change their style to be more commercial for more sales and generating more fans. The songs all contain lyrics that communicates real emotion that audiences can to relate to. My favorite

Katy Perry: Witness

★★★★★ Katy Perry just released her 5th studio album called “Witness”. As someone who has her other albums and loved them, I feel this one is slightly different than her usual albums, but still amazing. Something I have noticed about her other albums is a routine of having the hot, pop songs that make it huge on radio such as ‘Firework’, ‘Teenage Dream’, and ‘Roar’. However, she also always has so much more on her albums that do not get the radio treatment, because they are not as mainstream sounding as the others. These songs are beautiful treasures to me and showcase her talent, both musically and lyrically. The thing that is different with ‘Witness’ is it seems like more of these tracks ha