Harry Styles: Harry Styles

Four out five One Direction members have started their solo career’s. Harry Styles is the latest of the deceased boy band to release an album. When his tour was released a majority of the venue's sold out within minutes. As someone who listened to every one of One Direction’s albums, I was excited to see what each of the guys would produce once on their own. Harry was always the one I was sure would go solo and he made that notion true when his first single off of his self-titled debut album, “Sign of the Times” dropped a few weeks ago. The song is much different than what I expected from Mr. Styles first solo record. The song has almost a David Bowie feel, but I couldn’t get into it no matt

13 Reasons Why Soundtrack

★★★★★ For the past few months the internet has blown up with everything from the Netflix Original series, 13 Reasons Why. This powerful show represents what goes on in High Schools, but worse how awful interactions can cause someone to take their own life. I read the book before watching the show, so I was already hooked but something I realized while watching was how amazing the soundtrack was. It fit the setting so unbelievably well, and I think that added to the show and our feelings throughout it. The soundtrack was a bit darker for the most part but that is fine seeing as how the television show was not supposed to give off a sunshine and puppies vibe. Another thing that fit the show we

Kesha and the Creepies

★★★★☆ Kesha came to Brockport as part of SUNY Brockport's spring fest, and having the opportunity to attend made my little 10 year old heart scream. I have been a fan of Kesha for as long as I can remember, and she was definitely on my bucket-list of concerts I have wanted to experience. And honestly? She did not disappoint at all. She brought an aura of strength, of fun, of a party you never wanted to leave. One of my favorite things said that night by her was "Anything bothering you? Maybe an ex you can't get over? Maybe homework? Anything bumming you out, bringing you down? F*CK THAT SH*T!" And it was a moment I could feel in my bones, a feeling of infinity where I felt like for once, any