Bastille: Wild World

★★★★★ Despite only having two albums released, Bastille is one of my favorite bands to listen to. After three years they finally released their second. Wild World is an indie pop album with a total of nineteen songs. Much of the songs talk about past experiences and how they reflect on them. The first song on the album is called “Good Grief”. While the feeling of the song is happy, the lyrics are actually sad, singing about loss of somebody you care about. “An Act of Kindness” is a nice, slower song with a little darkness in its sound. The lyrics are about a person who received an act of kindness, which surprised them. This one act of kindness would follow him around and it warmed him to the

Fifth Harmony: 7/27

★★★★☆ Fifth Harmony’s sophomore album “7/27”, hit stores on May 27th, 2016. Prior to the album being released, Fifth Harmony promised to all of their fans that this album was more of “their” sound and it was more on track to what they want to represent as a girl group opposed to their first album, “Reflection”. The standard copy of 7/27 comes with 10 songs, and the deluxe US version comes with 12. To start off their second album, Fifth Harmony’s first song is one entitled “That’s My Girl”. Not only has this song been a promo for the Rio 2016 women’s gymnastics team, but it has been reported that this is going to be 5H’s next upcoming single. The song is very focused on girl power with a stro

Usher: Hard II Love

★★★★☆ For his 8th studio album, Usher shines brighter than ever. No one really knew what to expect from Usher, but he certainly did not disappoint. To start in the first track "Need U" it is more of a conversation then a song, but either why he quickly establishes and highlights what made him famous. His versatility between his great vocals and lyrical ability, he has always been a great artist. Next is a pair of the best songs on the album. "Missin U" makes it possible to have a love song then will be for a party and "No Limit", which features Young Thug, is the classic Usher sex song with the hip hop feel. Usher is at his best when he mixes all of his talents and these two songs show that.