Kygo: Cloud Nine

★★★☆☆ Kygo is a young and rising start in the realm of electronic dance music or EDM. As a 24 year old it’s hard to thrive in a musical scene filled with DJs such as Avicii, Tiesto, Afrojack and much more. However, Kygo does a fantastic job of mixing up his sounds throughout the entire album. The first song does exactly what its titled “Intro” just demonstrates Kygo’s ability as a DJ before adding the lyrical components to the songs. The second song, I believe to be the best song on the album and is titled “Stole the show” with Parson James adding the lyrical content. It is a fun song to sing along too and has a motivational factor to it as well. Kygo follows that song up with a pair of upbe

Mike Posner: At Night, Alone.

★★★★★ Mike Posner is best known for his way back single Cooler Than Me and now for his recent single I Took a Pill in Ibiza. The album immediately begins with a track where Posner states that the album is best listened to at night and alone, which is exactly what I did. The first song is his original version of I Took a Pill in Ibiza that I like more than the remix. The song is much slower and accompanied by an acoustic guitar. It works better with the meaning of the lyrics and the tempo matches the mood and tune to what I feel Posner was trying to portray. Following is Not That Simple and continues with the softer melody, lyrics, and mood. This song has a sad meaning behind it and is easily